Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Line 2

“Hold her down, Detective,” the EMT ordered Frost, who nodded weakly as he held down his senior partner on the stretcher she was currently being strapped to, who was still trying to convince the EMT’s that she wasn’t going anywhere without seeing that her brother was taken care of first. Glancing over at Dr. Isles, he scowled darkly at the dirty cop she appeared to be helping as the EMT’s loaded Jane into the ambulance.
“Where you taking her?” Korsak asked, his eyes filled with worry as he stared after his former partner, who was about to be taken away.
“New England Baptist,” The EMT responded quickly. “Beth Israel and Children’s Hospital are packed to the damn gills, and BMC and MGH are too far away.” Korsak nodded.
                “Okay, good deal. Frost, go with her. Make sure…” The older Detective fought to control his emotions, and Frost nodded, finishing his thought.
“I know Korsak. She won’t be left alone, I swear it.” Vince nodded as Jane’s partner jumped into the back of the ambulance, and off it went, sirens screaming.
Frankie was just now being loaded into another ambulance, an oxygen mask over his face. Vince sighed, running a weary hand over his forehead. Glancing over towards the Ruggles T station, he noticed that the vultures (In the form of Channels 7 and 5) had begun to gather, and that there were helicopters circling overhead. He cursed Cavanaugh silently. If it wasn’t for him this damned mess would never have happened, and his brother and sister officers would be safe.
Silently praying the young patrolman out of D-4 and his sister would make it, he glanced over at the aforementioned Lieutenant, who was pale faced but still managing to bark out orders to the SRT and to any other cop in the vicinity. A sudden flash of hatred for the Lt. made him clench his fists, and he swore to himself that if either Rizzoli didn’t pull through he would spare nothing to make Cavanaugh’s life a living Hell.
His phone rang suddenly, and he started, grabbing it and looking at the caller id. It said only one word, but that word was enough to make him swallow nervously.
He must have heard about it while at City Hall, Korsak reasoned. Oh shit…someone’s head is going to be on the dinner menu on the fourth floor tonight.
Detective Korsak, Sir.”
“Korsak.” The Commissioner of the Boston Police Departments voice rumbled over the phone, “Explain to me how the holy Hell Headquarters is now the site of the O.K. Corral.”
FUCK ME, Vince could only think in a panic, before replying.
“Sir, perhaps Lt. Cavanaugh could answer that question better than I.” He glanced at his commanding officer, who was still talking with the SRT commander.
“If I wanted to get my ass kissed and some bullshit response, I would have called him,” The Commissioner said bluntly. “I wanted the truth, I called you. So, give me the details.”
Swallowing, Korsak began to relay the events of the day.
“He pulled every officer from HQ except for the Desk Seargent to work this case. On his way here,  it’s believed that Marino informed his men about that order, and they took full advantage, bringing enough firepower with them to take out everyone and everything in the building, had they wanted to.”
“How many down? I’m hearing conflicting reports.”
“Too many, Sir. Sgt. Bradley didn’t make it. A witness of Detective Clark’s murder was gunned down by Marino, and Officer Frankie Rizzoli, as well as his sister, Detective Jane Rizzoli, were just taken to New England Baptist with GSW’s and internal bleeding...it doesn’t look good. Marino…Jesus, Sir…Detective Rizzoli shot herself to take him out. He was holding her hostage, and she wasn’t going to go down that way. I don’t know if he’s going to live to stand trial or not.”
“Jesus bloody Goddamned Christ,” The Commissioner cursed, then began cursing fluently in Polish. Korsak winced visibly, enough to get Cavanaugh’s attention, who frowned and began striding towards him. “From now until I say so Korsak, you’re in charge of that scene. I’m on my way there now, but won’t be there long as I have that Conference in St. Louis to fly out to. Have Cavanaugh wait for me up in my office, and tell him he’d better think of a damned good explanation of the clusterfuck that occurred under his watch!”
“Yes Sir…will that be all?”
“It will. See you in fifteen.” Korsak hung up the phone and turned to face his nemesis.
“Who was that on the phone?”
“Commissioner Surel.” It halted Cavanaugh in his tracks, enough to make the Lieutenant lick his lips nervously.
“You’re going to have a report to make, in about- ”Korsak glanced at his watch, “-thirteen minutes. He wants you in his office, now.” He kept his voice steady, not betraying his glee.
“…Shit,” Cavanaugh muttered, looking back angrily at the officers milling around at the entrance. “Fine. I’ll have to give the officers some final orders-“
“-actually, you won’t,” Korsak interrupted him calmly. “Surel has placed me in charge here.”
Cavanaugh stared at him for one long, silent moment.
“Surel placed YOU in charge of my crime scene?”
“The crime scene you helped create, yes,” Korsak was done pulling his punches, and let enough of his anger trickle through to show Cavanaugh just how truly pissed off he was. “You’d better get moving. He wants answers, LIEUTENANT, and he wants them from you.” Pale faced, Cavanaugh said nothing as he headed inside Headquarters. Watching him go, he didn’t notice Dr. Isles come up behind him.
“Yeah doc?” He glanced down at the petite woman, who looked unbelievably tired from the days events.
“Marino held on long enough to be transported. I don’t know if he’s going to make it, but…”studying his expression, she got defensive. “I couldn’t let him die, Detective, no matter how much you, Frost, or the whole BPD wanted me to.”
“Why the Hell not?” He blurted out, before he could stop himself, tears shining in his eyes. “That traitorous son of a bitch was gonna kill her, Doc! He was gonna kill her, and you let him live!”
“I had to,” She replied softly. “I had to save him, Korsak. If I hadn’t at least tried, then Hoyt would be right about me, and I’m not about to give that bastard the satisfaction.” Korsak knew what she was referring to, of course; Jane had mentioned it to him awhile back in passing that Hoyt had managed to freak out the good Doc when she had first visited the serial killer, and had given him the details. Both Detectives had agreed that Hoyt was just a complete douche, trying to plant little seeds of doubt in those whom Jane trusted most.
Korsak studied her for a moment, then grunted.
“Fine, you did your good karmic deed for the day; I just hope you’re not looking for him to return the favor, that dirty son of a bitch,” he growled, interrupting their conversation to tell a CSU tech to snag everything and take it to the State Police Crime Lab, as their own was hopelessly contaminated by virtue of it being a crime scene. The tech nodded and ran off, and Vince turned his attention back to Maura. “If that shithead survives the night without someone adding another bullet to his body, I’ll be shocked.” Maura sighed, and said nothing, as the Commissioners vehicle pulled up to the sidewalk.
Now the real fun begins…

It's the glare from the reflection
Making patterns in your eyes
It's the looking back in anger
With every second slipping by…
She fought to remain conscious, staring fixedly at her younger partner, terrified that she HAD DONE IT THIS TIME and that this was THE END.
“Don’t you give up on me Jane,” Frost said, his voice cracking. “Don’t you dare…Korsak will fucking kill me if you do, you know he will. Don’t you dare let go.”
I wont but oh Jesus fucking A it HURTS
She could hear monitors going off, but could barely comprehend what they meant, and began to lose her grip.

Undertow has come to take me
Guided by the blazing sun
Look at everything around us
Look at everything we've done…

Her body arched uncontrollably as they shocked her heart with paddles; Frost could only look on, horrified, as the monitors kept shrilling their cry that there was no heartbeat.
“Jane, please…for the love of Christ don’t you go…!”

Please, anyone…
I don't think I can… save myself
I'm drowning here please, anyone…
I don't think I can… save myself…             

Again, her body arched as they used a higher amperage, and again, there was no change. Frost glared at the EMT’s, all of a sudden furious that they couldn’t do their damned jobs, when Jane had gone above and beyond the line of duty to do hers, and was paying for it, possibly with her life.
“Goddamn it,” Frost grabbed the paddles out of the startled hands of one of the EMT’s, and pressed them down hard into her chest. “Do it! NOW!”

There's a tiny little window
Swarms of locusts fill the sky
Maybe I just disappear, If I can
Keep my head above the tide…

Her body jerked a third time, and there was the sound that Frost burst into tears when he heard – a steady beeping, coming from the portable EKG machine.

Please, anyone
I don't think I can…save myself
I'm drowning here please, anyone
I don't think I can…save myself…
When the ambulance finally pulled into New England Baptist, Frost could have sworn he’d never been more relieved to get to a hospital in his entire life.

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