Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Blue Line

The Blue Line (Rizzoli & Isles fanfic)

Problems with the season finale: Unless it was a SERIOUS ATTACK on Boston (like 9-11 or something similar) There is NO WAY IN HELL EVERY COP WOULD BE PULLED FROM HQ. Come on now. Especially since they’re not the only ones that work there (Civilians make up quite a bit of the employees at HQ - How would I know, you ask? Because I used to work there ;)  Since HQ is independent of any district, if anything the commanding officer at the scene would be pulling officers from B-2 or D-4…and the ME’s office isn’t at HQ either (I know, NITPICKING!) And you KNOW people on the outside would hear the gunshots, geez! Anyways, the real life HQ is ten times more awesome… At least ten times more...pretty much fact. Going to be slightly off because I’m not following the locations in the show.
Anyways, here we go. I don’t own anyone/ anything.
*** *** *** ***
That’s all she felt as she squeezed the trigger, feeling Bobby’s body jerk against hers with the impact of the bullet entering his body. She felt a seconds worth of triumph before pain overtook everything else; Korsak and Frost’s horrified expressions stood out in contrast to everyone, everything else.
I’m a cop. It’s what I do was her last truly coherent thought before her thoughts dissolved from the wracking pain in her side as she and Bobby Marino fell to the sidewalk outside of the building she considered her second home.
Blinking, she could see Korsak and Frost running towards her in slow motion before she felt herself lifted gently into a sitting position.
“Oh Jesus JANE,” Maura sobbed, trying to stop the bleeding, “what the Hell did you DO…”
“I’m…I’m a cop,” Jane whispered, tears coming to her eyes as she suddenly realized she would have done nothing different. “It’s what I do…”
“EMS’s on its way,” Frost said, kneeling by the two women. “It’s going to be here any minute.”
“Frankie…”Jane moaned in pain and winced before continuing. “Frankie goes first, Frost, Frankie goes first! My fault…he’s on the job…” She chuckled suddenly, then cried out in pain, the tears running down her face. “Shit…ma’s gonna fuckin’ KILL me…Tommy’s coming home and we’re throwing a party…shit,” she gasped, clamping her eyelids shut as another wave of pain overwhelmed her, threatening to make her pass out.
“You’re both going with the damned bus,” Korsak said, his voice on the verge of tears, “and you’re both going to pull through, you hear me? You’re both gonna be fine!”
“I hear you Korsak, Jesus…I hear you…” The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance; many sirens, from all possible directions. Frost glanced up.
“Cavalry’s coming, by the sounds,” he said softly, as Boston EMS flew up Tremont Street, followed by what appeared to be dozens of cruisers.
“Bobby,” Jane gasped, finding it more difficult to form words. “Is he…?”
Maura passed Jane gently over to her past and present partners (who spent the last couple of seconds before the ambulance came to a stop in front of them reassuring themselves and Jane that everything was going to be fine) and checked out the dirty cop, whom, Maura noted in the back of her mind for future reference, every officer and Detective on scene (at least for the moment), was actively ignoring, as if the man was nothing more than a piece of trash. Many were heading into the building, in order to make sure that there were no other hostage takers,  to search for more wounded, or to reassure and release members of the civilian HQ workforce, who had probably had to deal with quite a bit themselves.
In their mind, that’s exactly what he is, she reasoned. A piece of trash, a dirty cop IAB didn’t pick up the scent on who took one of their own hostage and was probably going to kill her whether he got out free and clear or not. They are letting him reap the consequences for his actions.
She checked his pulse; thin and thready, but still there, even though his blood mingled with the dirt and cement of the sidewalk. She looked into his eyes, and oddly enough (she would worry about this later) she felt nothing. No pity for this fellow human being who was bleeding out next to her best friend; nothing at all.
“H…help-me…” He gasped, bloody froth spilling from his mouth as he gasped for air. “…please…”
Maura glanced at Jane who was being loaded onto a stretcher, and could only feel relief that because of the EMS’s quick response time her friend had a fighting chance. Her thoughts sobering, she turned her attention back to Bobby Marino. She held his life in his hands, and they both knew it.
God help me, Maura thought, what do I do?

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