Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Jane stared at the dead woman hanging from a pipe in the center of the laundry room, and frowned. Something didn’t feel right, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Maura on the other hand was busy getting the body ready for transport back to her lab, while making sure that all the evidence was collected correctly.
I don’t want to be here, something is off. Somethingisoffsomethingisoffsomething is off! Everything  screamed it, but she couldn’t pinpoint it and it was beginning to drive her nuts.
Out of the corner of her eye while getting ready to cut down the body, Maura noticed that Jane was rubbing her scars furiously, while studying the crime scene.
She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it…
“So, where’s that suicide note? Let’s see it,” Jane said briskly, taking it from Frosts’ offered hand.
Hello all, I can’t live like this anymore. Even though you have all been supportive of me through the hard times, this is just too much for me to bear. Life, for me, is no longer worth living. Life has become a burden. Of course, never forget that I love you all.
Jerry, I know you love my cats, so they are yours if you’d like them. Andrew, the computer’s yours. Nate, take the books, you’ll love them all I’m sure. Everyone, I love you all…goodbye.
“Interesting note. Well, Frost, let’s get a head shot of her to pass around to the employees, if there’s no identification on her. Korsak, we need to have a chat with security.” The older detective nodded as Jane gave the note to a Crime Scene Tech, and she nodded goodbye to Maura as she left, knowing that the ME would be heading back to her offices with the body.
“This case seems hinky,” Korsak said suddenly. “Hinky as Hell.”
“How so?” Jane replied with a smirk as they walked towards the front desk.
“Can’t put my finger on it, but somethin’ was off about that crime scene. Hinky.”
“Hmph. Well, when you can come up with a definition for your hinky-ness, you let me know,” Jane replied dryly, before turning her attention towards the host. Flipping her badge, she asked for security, and both Detectives were taken to the office.
“Detectives,” The lone man in the office said gravely when they entered, “Aidan Choudhry, head of security. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.” He shook both of their hands.
“You’re not the only one,” Korsak replied grimly, folding his arms over his chest. “You know why we’re here then, of course.”
“Of course,” The head of security echoed, agreeing with the older detective. “One of the members of our laundry staff was going to grab some stuff out of the dryers when she found the body.”
“Any possible idea who she might be…?”
“She’s not a member of our staff,” Aidan replied quickly. “I know every employee that works here, screen them myself. I’ve never seen her before.” Aidan replied grimly, leaning back in his chair.
“Interesting…we will have to snag the footage you may have…say, the last couple of days,” Jane stated, her eyes sliding over the security equipment. Aidan inclined his head in agreement.
“Anything you need, detectives,” Aidan replied. “It will take awhile, but I’ll send someone over to..?”
“Headquarters,” Korsak supplied for him, and Aidan nodded.
“Headquarters with the tapes. Will that be acceptable…?”
“That would be fine, thanks,” Jane said, nodding, and the two detectives left.
“Loving the cooperation,” Korsak said drolly as they crossed the street to where Frost was patiently waiting by their cruisers.
Jane just grunted as she slid into her unmarked cruiser. “Meet you back at headquarters?”
“Of course.”  Frost hopped into the passenger’s seat and they followed Korsak back to the office.
“So what do you think…Suicide?”
“Maybe,” Jane replied, her mind elsewhere. “We’ll have to wait for Maura to say for sure.”
“Okay, but do you think she’ll say any different?” Jane shrugged.
“I don’t know. Something was off about that whole scene…I can’t put my finger on it, but it felt off.”
“What did, exactly?” Frost asked curiously. Jane frowned.
“The whole scene…it was like…” She sighed, trying to get her thoughts together. “Like it had been staged almost. There were a shit ton of pipes in that room. She could have just hung herself from one of those, and her body still would have been noticed. It’s the fact that she hung herself right in the middle of the room that sets off alarm bells.”
“You thinking it might have been staged…?
                “A little…maybe. We’ll have to see if we can find anything else about our Jane Doe.”
Arriving back at BPD Headquarters, they instead found themselves assigned to other cases that the Lieutenant thought were more important, and for the time being the Detectives saw their Jane Doe case go onto the back burner.
It wasn’t until almost ten o’clock that night that Jane ended up trudging to her vehicle in the parking lot to leave. She had a ton of paperwork to get done and had thankfully got most of it accomplished for the night.
                Not even bothering with dinner, she collapsed on her bed, exhausted, soon sliding into sleep.

“All our blood lying on the floor
Sends the crowd expecting something more
Opened up, proudly on display
What we tried so hard to hide away…”
She whimpered as the sharp scalpels did more damage to her hands. Moving them even a fraction was agony, and she was trying not to give this bastard above her any more satisfaction from her misery.
He grinned, flicking another scalpel to and fro in front of her eyes in the dim light of the dying light bulb above the three of them. She hadn’t meant for this; hadn’t planned for this to happen. But here it was; Dr. Cordell was still lying off to the side, she was pinned to the ground, two scalpels in her palms, and Hoyt was laughing at her in glee
Where had she gone wrong…?

“Blinding light illuminates the scene
Trying to fill the spaces in between
Arms in-twined in a final pose
Narrative drawing to a close
Still remain the things we couldn’t kill
In your eyes I can see it still…”

“Hello Detective Rizzoli…can I call you Janie? A shame we had to meet like this. A shame indeed. I didn’t expect you or your fellows to be nearly competent enough, but you succeeded admirably. Nice job.”
“Screw you,” Jane snarled, fury shining through in her dark eyes, and Hoyt grinned maliciously.
“Poor choice of words, Janie…because I intend to do exactly that to you, and you will find out how pleasurable pain can be…”

“How we choose the framing of the scene
Hate begins to spill across the screen
Blinding light illuminates the scene
Trying to fill the spaces in between-“

Jane cried out as she forced herself awake, and for the rest of the night she stayed up, terrified that Hoyt would make another reappearance…

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