Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Blue Line, Chapter 4 (Rizzoli and Isles fanfic)

Anyways...if you're reading this and wondering wtf it is, Check out TNT.tv or the books by Tess Gerritsen (on whom the tv show is based on.)

Day of the Shooting
He was bored. The CO’s had him in segregation once again, unsurprisingly. Charles Hoyt smirked. He was pretty comfortable in here, actually, and he had his ways of getting information and other things when he needed them, whether or not he was in AdSeg or not.
Some woman had sent him some lavender the other day, claiming that it was her favorite scent. He had promptly tossed the letter out, but had kept the lavender.
It reminded him of someone else, someone far more…worthy…of his attention.
His dark thoughts were interrupted by a note slid under his door.
“Janie…” He sat up abruptly on his cot, feeling a tinge of (worry?) spread within him.
Was he REALLY worried about the woman who had shot his hands, after he had impaled hers?
Was he REALLY worried about the woman whom he wanted to dominate…?
He found he was.
He could a TV somewhere, faint but he was barely able to make out what was being said.
“Dana Green with Channel 7 News. I’m reporting live from Boston Police Headquarters here at Schroeder Plaza, where a deadly shootout has occurred…”
A deadly shootout? His interest was piqued.
“…What can you tell us?”
“I can tell you that a tragedy happened here today. While I cannot go into too many details, pending further investigation by authorities, I can tell you that earlier today a group of thugs walked right through the front door of Boston Police Department Headquarters here at Schroeder Plaza and started shooting. So far there are three known fatalities but more are expected, and the police officers around me appear to be in almost a state of shock that something like this occurred under their noses.”
“I’m sure they’re going to want answers, them and Mayor Menino both.”
                “Indeed they are, Dawn. The Mayor has been rumored to be pushing Commissioner Surel to hand over jurisdiction on this case over to the FBI, as he feels the police department may be less than impartial in this case.”
“Understandable…Dana, you mentioned some fatalities earlier; were there any wounded?”
“Yes Dawn, there were quite a few wounded in the shootout- three that we know about were police officers. Officer Frankie Rizzoli and Detectives Bobby Marino and Jane Rizzoli were all taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds…while they’re all expected to recover, their injuries are considered serious at this time. The Department is not releasing any more names at this time until their family members have been notified, nor are they giving us concrete details about what occurred. We will however be following this story very closely, and should have some more updates at eleven.”
“Thanks Dana, how horrific. Now, onto sports. The Red Sox won’t be heading into the offseason after all, losing to the Yankees last night…”
He stopped paying attention to the TV, thinking about what he’d just heard. Jane was shot. HIS Jane was shot.
He wasn’t surprised to find himself furious at the thought that someone else had tried to take what was rightfully his.
Someone tried to kill Janie…well now. Someone’s going to have to pay dearly for that…

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