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iydkmigthtky (chapter 2)

iydkmigthtky (chapter 2)

So, here's the second "chapter" of my story. If the first one creeped you out, this one probably will too, lol. It also helps if you're familiar with the show and the books, as this chapter kinda borrows from both. Don't own them, per usual. If you think you're going to be giving me strange looks next time you see me, then...don't read, haha! Once again, based heavily on the Pilot and I'm Your Boogie Man episodes of Rizzoli & Isles.

The two women took Jane’s car. Maura glanced over at her silently, studying the other woman’s profile in the pre dawn lights of Boston. While she seemed alert enough, and outwardly calm, her hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly, and she was clenching her jaw once more.
Sighing, Maura broke the silence.
“…You had a nightmare about him, didn’t you?”
“Yeah.” Maura winced. Jane clearly didn’t want to talk about it, but Maura pressed on.
“What happened?” Jane groaned inwardly. Man, when Maura wanted to be a bulldog about something, she would just not let it go. She’d be good at interrogating perps…
“You don’t want to know.”
“Yeah, I do. Jane, you can’t keep it bottled up inside like this.”
“Goddamn it, Maura…”
“Tell me. No arguments.” Sighing, Jane began to talk.
“It was similar to a dream I had last week,” Jane said finally, turning onto Huntington Avenue, heading towards the Prudential Center. “Hoyt was in my bedroom, talking trash to me and fondling his scalpel…at the end of the dream, he plunged the damned thing into my hand and I woke up.”  Studiously ignoring Maura’s worried look, Jane glanced up at the empty and unlit walking bridge overhead, before pulling into the Pru’s underground garage. Observing that Korsak and Frost were already present, as well as someone from Isles’ office, the two women got out of the vehicle.
“Where is the crime scene located…?”
“At the Mariott. According to Frost it looks like a suicide, but we’ll see.”
Walking across the street, they entered the ritzy hotel and made their way to the laundry room, where Frost (who was looking rather green), Korsak, various other police and Crime Scene Techs, as well as some of Maura’s people were hanging around the scene.
“Hung herself with a bed sheet, by the looks,” Korsak grunted, eyeing his previous partner closely.        “You get any sleep?”
“Nope, too busy fantasizing about you, tough guy,” Jane retorted with a smile. Korsak chuckled and shook his head.
“You’re killing me Rizzoli, for real. Killing me.”
“I do what I can. Find anything to the contrary?”
“Nope, girl left a suicide note. Still working it though so we’ll see.”
“Well then,” Maura said with a smile, “Let’s get cracking.”

Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center
I haven’t been able to sleep.
Every time I try, dark eyes stare back at me, and I shiver with the anticipation of seeing those eyes widen in fear and pain.
Am I ever your lover…
I smile, tenderly touching the scars on my face.
Oh Janie, you’ll never be rid of me. I’ve already marked you twice, and like you said, “we match”. Oh we do, baby. Indeed we do.  I wonder what your answer would have been to that question had we not been so rudely interrupted by your pet detective? Either way, I know. You and I are like fire and ice; Yin and Yang; two sides of the same coin.
I ALWAYS finish what I start, Janie…always. And soon, you’re going to be mine…whether you like it or not.
I smile with this last thought, and close my eyes, sliding into sleep.

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